State of the Factions

05 February 2014 State of the Factions

Hi Everybody,

First off some introductions. My name is Mark Gerhard and I’m the CEO & CTO of Jagex. We’re probably better known as the developers of the world’s largest free browser game RuneScape but now, following the past 3 years of development, Transformers Universe!

Many of you joined us on our journey for the first time when we shared a sneak peek into our aspiration for the game back in 12/12/12. Since then we’ve refined our vision, gameplay, tech and team to bring you what we believe will be the start of an entertaining, social and competitive game for all of you to enjoy over the next decade and beyond! 

2013 was a critical year in the evolution of Transformers Universe. It was essential that we just knuckled down and got on with the core gameplay, and that unfortunately meant there was not much news to share for anyone outside of Jagex.

However from today onwards you can expect regular updates, and soon all start participating first-hand as the game moves from core development, through each stage of community participation, balancing, polish and iteration.

So here’s the big news. We are 100% set to launch Transformers Universe this Summer, and will be progressively inviting an ever-widening portion of the BETA community to enjoy the game before opening it to the rest of the world this summer!

With that in mind, let’s talk a bit more about the game itself.

We’ve built a massively online, tactical action game, or MOTA as I like to call it! Transformers Universe offers fast-paced, battle centric, tactical action with a selection of game modes for core gamers, casual gamers and Transformers enthusiasts alike.

As the Commander of a new squad, you will recruit, maintain and battle others with a unique collection of Transformers warriors created in collaboration with our friends at Hasbro.

Autobots versus Decepticons, you’ll team up to play with and against other Commanders around the world in tactical and strategic online battles, competing for supremacy in the global faction war. Legendary Transformers characters will make special appearances – but more on that another time!

Your squad of Bots are a faction-specific collection with their own play styles, weaponry, augment options and specialties. There are countless fighting strategies when battling them and we really believe they will crystallise, embody and capture both what Transformers is all about and your imaginations.

So what’s next? Well, very soon we’re going to be releasing our first in-engine trailer, which will give you a first look at some of the playable Bots in the game.

We’ll be posting up exclusive in-game screenshots soon, so you can see the game coming together. You will be the first people to see them, and naturally deserve nothing less. 

What else should you expect from Transformers Universe in 2014? After the trailer we’ll also be launching numerous other initiatives; kicking-off our BETA program first, revealing and detailing the games major features and modes, spotlighting the new characters that you’ll be able to own in-game and a whole lot more.

The best place to get all relevant information will be right here on this website. You’re a central part of what will make the Transformers Universe community special, so please do sign up to our channels on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and the official forums.

2014 is the launch year for Transformers Universe and the start of an epic journey as you #testyourmetal. Soon you’ll be able to experience this for yourself as we roll out to BETA.

I look forward to seeing you on the frontlines.

Have fun and speak soon,